Tuesday, April 02, 2013


there is no assurance, none. we do the best we can and believe in the abundance of the universe. the trick is, not to give yourself over to fear. i have understood trust is the key for a great while. i get many opportunities to confirm this belief.
i am beginning to write happy and this is a great cause for celebration. though i realized, while my approach may have changed, i have to allow myself to back out of uncomfortable situations and be true to myself. whatever that means.
there are so many opportunities to misfire. i have to let the few that get away from me, go. just go. once i clear my weapon and center myself, then i can begin again. it is not realistic to expect that i will not fire. perhaps someday, i will lay my weapons down entirely, but i am not yet at that point in my life.
i am no longer bracing myself in defensive posture, but i do have reactionary moments.
it's kind of like the dog whisperer, the more i blow it, the more opportunities i have to fix it. whatever it happens to be.
mercifully, the blowing it is decreasing. and i am grateful.
as the gerber daisies in my window simply are, emanating beauty by their very presence. so too, by owning my life, my needs, my dreams, i can learn to simply be present in each and every moment.