Friday, February 28, 2014

semesters with einstein

alternate title: piscean genius
another successful semester completed, one more to go. in this final semester, i will write my thesis, which is the book i attempted two summers ago. i did not have what i needed then to articulate my point. i have infinitely more than i imagined now.
in this, my month long hiatus between semesters, i am not actively thinking about my thesis, but i always feel it bubbling up in my subconscious. this is, in practice, my theory.
i have watched my students take my contemplative writing advice, and those who do, tend to move forward with essays and writing challenges with greater ease than their counterparts who don't follow my instruction. i am grateful for both, as it gives me real world understanding of the way students respond to suggestion.
i am not entirely sure if my instructor had instructed me on the function of the subconscious brain, and told me what to do that i would have listened. in fact, because of my nature, i'm sure i would not. i had to stumble (as it were) upon my own theory to maximize my brain power.
we are only given the equipment we've got, so how to best utilize it becomes the question. my answer was found in contemplative writing. i am sure, based on my advising professor's enthusiasm for my original ideas, that if i can nail it in my thesis, that this book will be publishable--which was my goal going into the program.
i have much work to do next semester, concurrent with the writing, i will be finalizing some of my theories and ideas, enfleshing them in words for the first time. these prospects excite me.
but for now, my mind can rest and remember my semester companion who waits for me to take up pen and concretize the abstract as he did so well.