Saturday, August 23, 2014

be present

it has been a long time since i've had a yoga practice, though i desire one. i know what to do, i have props and mats at home, i just simply do not make the time to practice yoga daily and that bums me out.
today, as we wound down class, i thought, my god, i have been in my body this entire time. and it was a moment of triumph. only briefly did the idea of writing about it pass through my mind, and as the thoughts came and drifted away in shavasana did anything other than the moment enter my mind. and for that, i am grateful.
having just completed another master's degree, i paused briefly, one or two days, before i remembered all the other goals laid aside until that master's was done. it's done. time to move forward.
my plan at the moment is to apply for the psy.d program at rutgers. in preparation for that, i am taking a gre prep course and some undergrad psych courses to address any gaps before applying. i will know by april, and begin in september. this idea thrills me to no end.
while i will have to leave the jobs i have come to love, i will be moving forward in my life and that is all any of us can hope for. i would like to be self-sufficient and in a stable career, not one beholden to the whims of registrants. although i know private practice will have its ups and downs, there are so many other things i want to do, need to do with my life. this feels like the beginning of something wonderful.
and so, i bowed low to my heart at the end of class, from the hips, nearly touching my head to the floor in honor of that which has so strongly supported me. i am grateful, for all the triumphs of late, i am grateful. for all the challenges too, for they are what keeps me on my toes.
my finch has taken to wrestling with a picked clean mullet stem, and is rather delightful to watch.
find the thing that brings you joy, that is all i can say, and do it. just do it.