Thursday, February 03, 2005


i had a dream last night that i was sitting in the kitchen, at the kitchen table (where all the real things of my life happened), of my Grams' house. and we were sorting spoons.

i asked her, "are you afraid to die?"
she replied, "you are not allowed to ask me that."

then she gave me an almond roca, saying she didn't like them anymore.

my mom, uncle, and auntie panda were in the kitchen with us as we sorted spoons. i took the fancy teddy bear shaped ones to return to a cousin. my husband was in the room at times as well.

my grams died nearly five years ago, and i still miss her. i dream of her. i am writing an allegory and i had shelved it for a couple years because i just didn't know what happened to my character, and that is the way i write. but this morning, i think i might have an idea. i think it might be time to pick up my allegory again, and write a few more chapters.

i was telling a friend, my poetry has infected my prose. i have all kinds of issues with my prose because i have made choices in my poetry, to leave off caps, to drop question marks. those things. but with the help of a great many friends and editors, not all of whom like my work (praise God), i am beginning to see my writing flaws, and they are legion.

praise be to God for the eyes of my friends and their willingness to edit me.

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relevantgirl said...

I'd like to see you pick up that allegory. I was enjoying it.