Tuesday, June 28, 2005


when hear that word (even in writing), i think of jean-luc picard, his finger erect arcing through the air, and his confident directing of the enterprise on it's next voyage.

at our most recent choich i decided, we need to engage. decide to become a part. commit. just take the plunge. the body of Christ is imperfect, and i'm living proof.

then our friend began to teach bible study at our former choich. sigh.

the sojourn continues.

as i work at vbs, i realize how just participating in the work and activities of the church can open the door to relationship and commitment (at least on my part). but i'm still reading during sermons and bible studies. it is no one speaker in particular. and i'm not quite sure what it will take to get my attention (a commitment on my part perhaps) maybe i need to just leave the books at home.

i did that last week for vbs, and then a friend brought a book for me to read. lolita. so the last day i sat in my booth, reading.

i'm back at vbs and trying to help. praying for new mercies every morning. hoping to convey some bit of the Love of God to these kids (and the other adults there). but i have more questions than answers.

who knows, but i am certain it is not my part to figure it all out. but merely to engage.

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Deborah said...

Lolita? In Texas? At a DVBS?

The book by Nabokov?

What did you think of the book? I think it's one of the best portraits of obsessive love, the kind of "love" that destroys the love object, that I've ever read. A disturbing book, but beautifully written, and a clear moral center, despite the subject matter.