Monday, October 03, 2005


i do not want to know
your long publication
history or how much
more accomplished
you are, than i

no respecter of persons
do i want to be

only myself
fully lacking
wholly broken
impeccably flawed

i do not want to know
you know famous people
for i do not want to know you
for who you know

i want only to sit
and listen to your words
my brother, my tribesman, my friend.

so tell me of your heart
and all the things that fill it
tell me of your life
and your sorrow.

tell me of your joys
the things that make you smile
and i will tell you
of mine.

i cannot impress you with
i've done nothing

i cannot woo you with
namedropping foolishness
because people to me
are not commodities.

they are friends.
and friends whom i love
come from all walks of life
and i embrace their variety.

do not tell me of your awards
and your fancy degrees
for i care to hear
none of these. (damn rhyme)


relevantgirl said...

I love this, dancin' suz. Truly. I'm going to link to it today on my blog. I think everyone attending a writer's conference should read and heed this poem (even if it does end in rhyme!)

robyn said...

Following a link from Mary's oage, I came upon your poem. Great stuff! Am going to print it and post it above my writing space.

well done!