Friday, February 13, 2015

a thousand lifetimes

how much times has passed.

how long have i been gone.

who really knows, frankly, who really cares.

i have been busy with life, and that, is a blessing. i look around and am grateful that i am caught up in the mundane. not doing too shabbily, just being. which is really all i've ever wanted. focused more on my daughter than anything at this point, and that is as it should be. still writing. still writing poems. after my last master's program, i needed a mental hiatus, and i just had to sit and stare at the walls for a while. (meaning: i taught twenty in-class hours last semester and i'm fried).

but now, the load is lightening (to a manageable fourteen hours in-class), and i'm finding my passion again. writing poems, even ordered some books on tape from the library. still no time for pulp and ink books at present, but that will come, soon enough. i've been plucking old standards off my shelf--those stored up for such a time as this--the unfettered mind, among them. mostly, i'm just reading student work, and i'm getting ready for what's coming.

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