Sunday, March 13, 2005


i just finished reading a book on darwinian theory and its affect on nazi germany. no one makes me read these things, mind you, i choose the books because they pique my interest in some way.

this one however, proved to be a worthy adversary. the author did a fine job of presenting the information in an objective way. it was refreshing to read a good christian book for a change. but this one had no fat on the bone, it was meat through and through. it took three weeks for me to wade through the heavy subject matter to the final conclusion.

three weeks of hitler on the brain will mess with anyone's head. i'm no exception.

on friday last, i had a group of girl scouts at my house and i was meeting some dads and the word "leader" kept being said repeately. for some reason, i may never know, i clicked my heels and said, hail. the dad laughed and my arm shot into the air. but it troubled me to no end.

i would have been marked for annihilation, one of the "weaker" species had i lived then. i would have been shipped off or shot mercilessly, had any of those deluded masses laid their eyes upon me. this involuntary (and i stress involuntary) reaction troubled me more than just the reading of this most difficult work.

it reminded me of the proverbs which talk about what you fix your gaze upon. from the abundance of the heart a man speaks (how about reacts?).

my grams used to say:

dime con quien andos y te digo quien eres

which she translated:

tell me who your friends are and i'll tell you who you are.

grams was very persuasive. in our most rebellious times (i have a sister who is very dear to me so the us refers to our collective rebellion), grams was the only one whose influence could reel us in. reprimands from mother or father led to further rebellion, more extremes. but grams. that was another story entirely.

so if our friends can have such an affect on us, how about books? i've long considered books to be my friends. to convey the heart of their author. to mentor me.

this troubling book has opened my eyes to the stinging tentacles of darwinian theory. i hadn't thought evolution evil, and in regards to animal adaption i am not fully persuaded it is, in fact evil, or in error. (evolution is not beyond the scope of God's almighty power*.)

but with regards to social darwinism and translating survival of the fittest to german colonization and imperialism, i shudder to think of where one little observation of a smoky colored moth and a dusky colored moth has led.

makes me think twice about so quickly spouting out my theories and thoughts--not that they would have such a profound effect, but could they?

could any words we potentially speak be fodder for the enemy? of course. how then, do we guard against this? how do we wield our influnce for the Kingdom of God?

whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are lovely, think on these things. speak on these things. write on these things.

to the exclusion of all else? no. but leaning heavily upon the good and worthy things of God. returning there when involuntarily giving ourselves away. measure every thought by the Word of God.

this book has made me rethink history. churchill, who knew he was fashioned for such a time stands out as a paul in my mind now.

when the time comes for you and i to stand up for what is right and true and noble, may the Lord give us strength to do so.

*after writing this i talked with my friend about my thoughts and this scenario. she told me she knows of a creationist who says darwin was given the theory by someone who had received it in an incantation type state.

hmm. i wonder why that person didn't become "darwin" it could have easily been mcfarlane's theory as darwin's.

also, it troubles me that people see demons behind everything. and the power attributed to said demons. if there are, and there very well may be, demons behind this whole theory fine. (that is unproven in my opinion, but fine.) God is still ALL MIGHTY. i think we forget, the demons are still beholden to God. while God may not stretch forth His hand and silence them just yet, they are still God's demons (if that were possible).

i would like to see the Spirit of the Lord lifted up, rather than demonfinding. let us refute evolution by the Intelligent Designer argument. let the Lord show us the flaws in the theory and help us refute them. or, let's not be so afraid of something that can't possibly determine whether we end up in heaven or hell. let's fear God, not the boogey man. that's all i'm saying.

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