Monday, March 12, 2012

life and loss

there have been so many losses, life is littered with them. we cannot avoid them. and today is no different. this time in the form of a cat i loved who was hit by a car. i won't play the melodrama card, but i will say this. the last time he was sitting in my apartment, i just looked him over with love, because he had this white triangle on his nose, white tipped paws, and a white chest, which made him look like he was wearing a vest. i know life is brief, but it was a good day yesterday. my neighbor didn't tell me she found him until today and i am grateful.

i was exhausted when i finally returned home, the day was packed with new friends. my girl and i were content and happy having had a full weekend. life seemed (and is) good. this afternoon, when my girl gets home from school i will tell her the sad news. the neighbor has the cat and we will take a moment to bury him. everyone deserves a burial. to have loved ones note their passing. i will note his, each morning when he doesn't turn up for a meal. each day when he doesn't greet me at my car when i arrive home. i will note his absence deeply. over the coming months, i will remember him. that's how it works.

i saw beautiful things yesterday. a cooper's hawk swooped over my car. a gorgeous waterfall. the kindness of friends.

death comes to us all, these reminders are timely, whenever they come. and i am grateful to have shared his love, his life. and now i will let him go. i understand how to let go. it is just a process of time.


Rakeem said...

I learn new things about people everyday, like how i now know you had deep love for this cat, still do, and he is no longer with you. Its funny how sometimes we have way more respect and love for an animal or pet(i choose to say friend) than we do other people.Two thumbs up, you can't see it but imagine it, hahaha :D

siouxsiepoet said...

thanks rakeem. life is strange, loss is part of that.