Tuesday, July 09, 2013

a good night's sleep

with my learning semester ending, and a new teaching semester beginning, i'm trying to finish and begin strong. it's all clumped together like that of late, my life. the end of this, the beginning of that. before i can catch my breath, it seems something else is underway. and i'm all right with that. but sometimes, sinking into my bed for a sweet stretch of oblivion is what gets me through.
today i have to draft a paper, twelve to fifteen pages. i am getting a slow start, but will make quick progress when i begin. how do i know. because that is how it works for me. i seem to delay my start until i can't anymore, then blam. i'm gone. the words tumble out of me like a waterfall after a heavy spring rain.
yesterday i came across some research that will help my paper, but i'm walking a fine line. as mystical as i am and love to be, this is not a mysticism paper. i am not in school for that. so while i will nod in that direction, i do not want to buy a lot and plop myself down in the center of it. i am seeking to articulate a scientific angle to my process, and that is what is new for me. the best i can do is try.
mercifully, my professors are agreeable and i am still 100, save one 90, across the board in all three of my classes. i am waiting for a paper back from the prof who gave me a 90, hopefully that will come through today. and when i see that 100, it will encourage me. not that i'm flagging, but a writer can always use a boost. i know what i'm doing with character on page, the trick is, am i communicating effectively in this new forum. there are a lot of things to consider. objectivity has never been my strong suit, but i'm trying, really trying to step back from being wed to my process and evaluate it from a different perspective. i know i can do this. now it is just a matter of getting it done. but isn't that always the case.

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