Sunday, July 07, 2013

burned in the shade

the heat was so oppressive today, that even though i spent all my hours at the beach today parked under an umbrella, i still burned. i could feel the heat encroaching on my arm as the sun shifted in the sky, i would shimmy into the shade, until it got so windy that i had to take up residence in the sunchair to anchor the umbrella. at least my pumbercella didn't go backward on me, or fly away and nearly impale someone like i saw other people's umbrellas doing. it was interesting to watch latecomers trying to set up their umbrellas in the wind.
on the way home, it started raining again.
the only thing that helps with this heat is the rain, but we have had so much rain i'm not entirely sure it's doing any good at this point. i've never lived in such a wet climate and i hadn't realized moving just a few miles south east would alter the climate so much. not that it didn't rain where i lived before, but i'm in the thick of the brush now, it's an entirely different situation. i love it, don't get me wrong, but it's a learning curve for sure.

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