Tuesday, June 15, 2010


sometimes my scales get full and i have trouble balancing them. it's not so easy when there is so much going on. but i believe it will all be well, that which needs to happen, does. that sort of thing. i had to remind myself that what i am asking, what i want is not selfish. it is not unreasonable, it is right. i was so stunned by the conversation i had to call my mom to do a, can you believe this check. it was profoundly unbelievable what was said.

she couldn't believe it either.

the good news is, my uncle is healing quite well and his strength is abundant. sometimes i think it takes a brush with death to value life. unfortunately, this is the case more often than not, i think.

now, i'm in a storm of my own making. seems i can't sit quietly on my hands when it's silent, i have to keep flipping over rocks to see what's there. usually, it ain't pretty what crawls out, but i'm compelled to look anyway.

i'm trusting that it all works out, that which needs to happen does.

and i'm believing it will all be well.

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