Tuesday, October 19, 2010

just three stinking pages

i have just printed out my rough draft of my paper. i've got twenty eight pages. i need three more pages to be safe. i'm getting there. i will soon go through it, and elaborate on what i can. hoping it makes sense. that i have some logical thread, that my prof can actually see what i'm doing and not have to guess.

i am so fried, but this will get done and then i will clean my apartment which has, in true mfa student fashion, hit the skids.

i'm going to make this deadline, i've got a lot of work to do on the paper, but it is coming together and i'm excited. it is nearer now to what i hoped it would be than ever before. let's hope i can dial it in and tighten it up in the next two revisions.

i'm kind of like a zombie with all these deadlines, but it's okay. the work is getting done and i'm leaning in letting momentum carry me.

my schedule shifts this week from all closes of last week, to all opens/mids. i am discovering this alternating sleep schedule is very rough on me. but it will be well. i will survive this, and thrive.

but for now. i need to veg. to rest. to give my mind a break before the nitty gritty of revising the rough begins. my deadline is tomorrow and i'm only three pages away.

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