Friday, September 23, 2011

say what

what is there to say when good things actually start happening. i am sitting here giddy, i've finally stopped whooping and hollering about the news. it's just so wonderful.

i was just phoned, while i stood in line at the library, and told the news. that was where i let the first whoop slip out. the librarian trying to encourage me to shut up and get off the phone, as i just kept right on beaming and gushing.

please hang up the phone,
she said, though she was already done processing my haul.

i just got into a poetry master class in the city, it's a major deal.

she said. these librarians have seen the stages of my life, the growing of my child, the loss of my long hair, the marriage that ended in divorce, they knew when i was homeschooling and carted away crates of books at a time. and now, they know i have just finished my masters and got my dream job.

it's almost like family, except she just wanted me to shut up and leave.

i am going to have to learn how to write about the good stuff.

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Rakeem said...

:D just pretend i was there , congrats , and you should be loud , everyone should hear it, even in the library.