Friday, September 30, 2011

hello jello

last night's yoga class was subbed by john. john is amazingly athletic. when we were standing outside one woman asked me if i knew what he was like,
he's athletic
i said.

how do you teach athletic yoga
she asked.

you'll see,
i said. and left it at that. went and tucked myself into my favorite dark corner and stretched out.

as we were limping and gimping toward the door after class, i passed her and said,
see what i mean.
she replied and laughed.

at one point during class when john was putting us through the pasta maker of a routine he dreamed up, i said,
i never thought i'd be so glad to go into plank.
i hate plank. it is hard. but after he is through with his vinyasa torture, plank feels like a walk in the park.

i attempted crow, but was more like hopping baby chick than crow. my pigeon was more lopsided than ever, and he came up and gently moved my lower back so my hips were centered and floating. it was a graceful adjustment. he doesn't adjust much, but by that point in class, i was oozing all over the mat and completely out of form.

it was good though. i came home tired of mind and body.

sometimes that is what is needed most.

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Geen Grey said...

yowza! Hi love. Sounds like fun. I can only imagine if Plank feels like a walk in the park. Scareeee!