Wednesday, April 25, 2012

not uncomplicated

blogger has changed an now i'm not sure how to format my posts, so they will be big paragraphy things until i can figure that out. :( tonight in yoga sophie said, the bhagavad gita says
to be happy, you must give away the fruit of your action.
this touched me, as i have many opportunities for misunderstandings of late. i would like very much to come across with pure intent at all times. that is not possible. not for anyone. so the best i can do is apologize when i blow it, forgive myself (that's the hard part, i so want myself to be flawless), and move on.
i'm busy writing a poem a day this month, and while i find it is not how i write, one poem each day. ultimately, the number count hits the right amount because i tend to write in spurts. i hate a forced poem. like so much ground meat extruded. blegh. let them come, in their own time, in their own way.
still in the research phase of my book, but making progress. school ends in just about two weeks. it's a relief. it's been a long semester. a good semester, but a long one. not uncomplicated by any means. i continue to find things that work and realize what i need to retool for next semester. i look foward to the two week break between now and summer session, because i will be hoppin during summer session.
but i can't wait. i love my job. i love my students. it's all good. even the unfun parts. i'd rather be doing this than anything else in the whole world.
(tee hee hee, artificial formatting gotta love it ;)

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Rakeem said...

sigh* is it possible to be flawless, in writing? i would like to see when it come to it :D