Tuesday, April 17, 2012

one of those days

yesterday ended up being good, relaxing. though it had a rough patch, i navigated it through my lifesaver, poetry. currently i'm doing this poem a day thing for the month of april. so far, i've had to play catch up a couple times, but i'm on track. seventeen poems down (started a day early). so, that's the good news. the bad news is, i have to process a lot of junk. i need to though, it has to come out somehow.

so we booked our cruise and i'm excited. i haven't told my girl yet because i'm still trying to make my point about the grades. it seems there is no end of struggle there, but i trust it will be well. that which we need (to learn) will come to us. i understand that i don't have all the answers, i just wish she would accept my word on the answers i do have. but we all have to learn in our own time and our own way.

i've been entering first manuscript contests and i'm submitting my work regularly. i'm grateful and looking forward to the opportunity to read and teach. my next gig is massachusetts poetry festival this weekend in salem. so excited about this. then, i'm teaching my poetic alchemy class. no word yet on my contemplative writing, but i remain hopeful. the work will come. the blessings unfold. i'm excited about these things. i have also begun working on my book about my writing process. the research phase is fascinating, i'm reading a lot about the way the brain works. the actual function of our grey matter. i'm not entirely sure it is essential to my book, but i think it will help, ultimately.

today, chores. school this afternoon. my writers have another paper due signaling the official near end of the semester. i hope to get many papers today and that my students have learned something in this process.

i have two courses this summer in the first six week session. i'm gonna be hoppin'. we will have to cover a chapter every two days, write a paper every week and have a test every three weeks. i do not envy those students but i trust that those who enroll will eat, drink, sleep, and breathe college for those six weeks to get through. i am sure they can do it if they try. let's hope they try.

so grateful, for everything.

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Geen Grey said...

Sounds good love!