Monday, April 11, 2005

show off

sometimes God is a show off.

did you wake up this morning?

you can thank God for a little thing called the alignment of the planets, making it possible for us to live and breathe on this rock we call earth.

this rock is none too shabby either, with photosynthesis plants exhale the very substance we inhale. hmm. symbiosis at its best. show off.

did you comprehend what i just wrote?

the little neurons firing away in your brain make it possible to read, comprehend, perhaps laugh at my wit (or lack thereof). and the blinking eyelids keep those balls moist for the intake of characters which form letters, which the brain interprets into readable understandable comprehendable language. God, showing off again.

i know we modern day, evolved highly adapated humans think some great urp in the cosmos made it all happen, but nope, it was God. showing off.

on day, perhaps just like today (except there was nothing, no keyboard, no light, no air, no heavens). God was tired of being (perhaps tired is the wrong word, but you try to find the right word, show off!), alone (although He wasn't really alone was He, He was three and three was He. They lived in perfect harmony.).

He delighted to fashion something wonderful. He considered the horrible things we would do and the cost it would require and still He made us. show off.

and it boggles the mind, my mind that is, that humans think such a magnificent Show off is impotent. powerless. angry. reclining on His otherworldly chaise lobbing lightning bolts at us when we go astray.

i don't think that way.

on the very day of my thirty-fifth, we got a call.

the phone, whose lines run underground and transmit my husband only knows what, emitted a sound which was perceived at first by my ears, then my brain said, go, answer it. so my arm stretched out and thanks to my opposable thumbs, no accident, intentional (God showing off again), i was able to grasp the phone and hold it to my fleshy part which protrudes from the side of my head, cupping sound and drawing it down into the ear canal and reverberating the drums (which were gladly not blown out in early heavy metal head banging days--God preserving my hearing, show off).

i laughed, as i hung up the phone after jotting a message on a pad of cellulose ground from a tree, the same tree which emits what i need to breathe.

my husband's birthday rolls around, the sun is still peaking in the sky, not close enough to fry us (like the holiness of God would if He came too close). and the phone rang. my husband, fully comprehending the complexities of a phonecall reached out and answered it. he laughed.

the job, it seems, was ours. God showing off again. look what I can do, He says. only in retrospect do i begin to realize what a wonderful show off He can be. i am so grateful for His design. for His incomprehensible purpose. even when we try to break it down and comprehend it, we try to box and package Him like Wheaties. we try to mass market Him like Cheerios. He is no commodity, no serf to be ordered about by peons.

He is, and ever will be, a show off.

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