Tuesday, August 30, 2005

me as mother

i wonder, sometimes, if i am doing right by my child exposing her to all the musical influences i have so loved over my years. as we drove to the library today and iron man played, i was banging my head to styx before that, come sail away--my arms flailing and my hair flying about. and then i wondered if there was anything i'm missing, the really important musicians of the past.

but she doesn't always like what i like and i'm glad for that. i'm not fashioning zombie or conducting an educational frontal lobotomy, i am trying to expose the child to the great and glorious variety of life.

she made me laugh this morning and i will have to tell you why in another post on another day. but as we arrived at the library to check out some respectable materials (and the car pulled in beside us while iron man played and the little boy looked at me through the windows kind of confused, and i smiled back) i realized, i left the house today without my purse, without my wallet, without much of anything really. (talk about missing the really important things.)

i do that sometimes, forget the very obvious but i did remember to bring along richard foster, celebration of discipline, so i can read him in the inbetween times. oh me.

the child is fine. she is able to play music on the piano by memory (because i won't copy the music for her, she has to commit entire scores to memory--we are just starting so the scores are not very long, but i think this good practice for a child who enjoys tv as much as i). she reads too, so you don't think i'm a terriblehorriblenogoodverybad mother. but then again, do i really listen to what others think? i try. i'm in a rare phase of my life where i am listening. so opine if you care to, i may take it to heart. then again....

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TS said...

Hellow Suzie,
Yeah, hello,
anybody home.
They ought to turn down the music. It's really bad on the ears.