Monday, August 29, 2005

a new day

i couldn't or didn't want to get up this morning. a malaise that stikes me now and again. i didn't even go out of doors this am and wouldn't have if nature hadn't mandated it.

my daughter, who was riding her bike excitedly exclaimed,
the black swallowtails!

so i scrambled outside to find this...

life. new beginnings. the glory of the Lord.

she is still nectaring in my garden as we speak (or as i write) but he took flight as soon as he could and another black swallowtail joined him as they wafted away on the breeze.

life pulses on even when we grow weary and that gives me hope.

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TS said...

Butterflys are a brilliant gift of God. I love to watch them when they come in flocks and settle on the mud before our barn.