Wednesday, September 21, 2005

wellmess ratio

we'll see if this goes on to become a brilliant post or like so many other things in my life falls into the abyss of silence.

my girl is on the mend, her fever broke after nearly seven days. i can tell she is feeling better as the apache has returned. eyeing me as i question her. leaving shampoo bottles with pools of sticky coconut smelling concoctions running down the side and pooling on our faux-marble, placed just so i grab them instinctively and slime my hand (but do not clean the mess, i don't feel good either). i leave it there for when i wander through next or my husband unwittingly falls into the same sticky trap. who will then in turn leave it for me to clean up. what goes around, comes around it seems.

we passed the pony purchase ratio at toys r us yesterday adopting seven my little ponies (i was assured the limit on pony purchases was five), but they made a one time exception for which i am glad. my girl who coughed her way through the weekend did not cough much while extracting delicate ponies from their packaging.

packaging that strewn about the livingroom this morning testified to her wellness.

you're making messes again, i'm glad to see you're feeling well. yes, i'd rather have the messes than a sick child who does not want to play.

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