Friday, December 24, 2010

done again.

so my paper is done again. this time, for good. it's a relief, truly. i am refraining from handing it in until the requested date so i can read over it one more time and hopefully catch any issues, there shouldn't be any, i'm just being overly cautious for once in my life.

i'm in boston, loving it. it's snowy and i'm all toasty warm in the bed of the one i love. doesn't get much better than that.

now to edit a poetry book i've had on my plate since before the beginning of this semester. it is kind of tragic i didn't get to it back in the day, but everything happens for a reason, so i'm going with it.

i will be hanging up my freelance editor shingle again, in an effort to transition to my real life, from my day job status as editor. i do love editing. and while this paper has shown my many flaws, among them having pared the language down, mutilated it to a personal style which is unyielding (except after hours and hours of revision work...yes, i revised, even over-revised, never let it be said i don't go overboard when i go). i am now able to see how much i leave to the reader to intuit.

it's not a bad thing for a poet, it's awful for a prose writer. and many prose writers had to help me fill in the blanks by simply saying,
what the hell are you talking about?

and i would explain what i saw so clearly. but it was only clear to me. i understand this.

i'm not tired, for once, i feel quite good. excited about the work ahead and the beginning of my final semester in my mfa program now that i know i am passing this term.

what a load off.

so, to commence the work of editing, which is my natural and best work. perhaps friends would argue that point, but i don't see poetry as work, it is soul expression for me. that is entirely other than work. i don't know how to make a living at my soul expression, perhaps it will be revealed to me. but in the meantime, on to the work that inspires me. editing.

peace, have a wonderful holiday.

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