Monday, December 20, 2010

the last gasp

i swear this semester is neverending. even when it is supposed to have ended, i have yet another rewrite due. sigh. i must remember this is a blessing in disguise, the alternate could have been not passing, yet my prof was gracious and wants me to clarify just a few more things. at least she is no longer saying my argument has no merit, she is saying,
this is becoming a fine persuasive argument though i have concerns about some of the claims you make.

there are always going to be concerns about the claims i make. i'm uninclined to wait for verification.

and so many times she asks me to clarify things that i feel are plain and simply laid out, but they are not laid out plain and simple for anyone but me.

i'm trying not to be discouraged by this or a few of the other of today's occurrences though they have not resolved anything. i am just weary of things being drug out.

it will be well, i know it will. i'm trying to stay positive and focused on the near end of these seeming endless obstacles.

the end is in sight.

and all is well. i had a lovely weekend, one of the best i can remember. all i could feel was joy. i don't remember that ever EVER being the case.

and now, well, it's a tough act to follow.

but i believe it will be well. life is unfolding as it must and that which i need will come to me.

i believe this. i have always believed this.



Mary DeMuth said...

Hang in there, Sooz. I've experienced that too, particularly in book edits. Just when I think I'm through it, more notes come. It's exasperating, but worth it in the end.

siouxsiepoet said...

thanks mare. hope you're well.

Mary DeMuth said...

I am! Just thought of you the other day because I heard your voice in my head! (That editor voice). Thanks!!! :)

siouxsiepoet said...

funny mare, i'm just getting out there again and editing again. i've managed a project a year while in school, but soon i'll go for it as near to full time as i can muster. i will be braver this time. and more sensitive after this semester of revision. ouch.

happy holidays to you and yours. :)