Saturday, September 15, 2012

where were you

it seems this season, this time of being is ripening into something magnificent. there is only one thing required, the one that that has always and only been required. presence.
only now i have found the one who can look back. and see me, clearly.
it is not without much surprise i embrace this part of the journey. it is not without many memories wafting by, and i breathe them in, one last time. as i exhale the good, the bad, what was, what i wanted, what will never be, i savor the sweetness of what is. what has come to me. and i am grateful.
grateful for this life. these moments of tenderness. this understanding.
they are, without a doubt, worth all that had to come before.
this unfamiliar eagerness to begin a journey hand in hand, replaces the desire for one to take my hand. and now walk with me. into the sunset, to linger with me in the predawn hours, and to laugh as often as we can.
it has been a long time coming.
i am glad it's here.

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