Tuesday, May 07, 2013

and so it begins

the hard work of being happy. and i pursue my dreams with no less vigor than before. when dreams begin to take shape and are so close you can reach out and feel them, it is hard to wait for them to actually become yours. this is what i'm coming to understand.
so much of fulfillment is patience. enjoying the moments just before the dawn, as well as the sunrise. then, at the end of day, learning to savor the shifting of lights, when the bats take to wing in their erratic flight and smoke wafts to the heavens. the fire crackles at your feet, and a good, peaceful day has passed.
i expect nothing but joy, nothing but goodness, nothing but love triumphant.
it surprises me still, when my triggers get triggered, and i can only feel my way through. but i am still human. so today, as i collect myself and move forward, i bring with me, my trust, my openness, my love for life. i believe goodness is waiting for me today, just like it has every other day. blessing is bursting forth today, just like every other day.
i trust it will be well.
and so it shall.

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