Friday, May 17, 2013

another d--HEY!

so many wheels turning at the moment, it's hard to settle on just one idea. the undercurrent of it all is gratitude. i'm grateful to finally be at this place in my life, now moving forward, i just want to bless those around me and find peace. that is really all i've ever wanted, peace with a capital P.
so much to do today, but i will knock off my list one thing at a time, and try to be gentle with myself. i'm feeling a bit tired, and the aids walk is on sunday, so i have to rest up for that. my girl will be volunteering this year, and i'll be walking with my dearest love. how time flies.
yesterday in yoga, sophie kept getting her lefts and rights mixed up. she does this on occasion because she's french and is getting ready to spend her summer in france. i will miss her when she leaves as it might be the last time i see her. such is the way things go, but that is good news. it is time to fly this peaceful coop in favor of much happier and familyer places.
soon, i will be interviewing for another position at my place of employ, and i can only trust that it will be well. it is time for me to step up to this work wholeheartedly, i have grown and changed so much since this journey began.
yesterday, i had a realization, i will begin my doctorate work when this current master's work concludes. i will likely do my doctorate in poetry. why, because it is who i am. i am a poet. regardless of what i do or where i go, that is who i am.
i will walk in commencement for the first time as an instructor, i just picked up loaner regalia, and while it's not the bomb, it is sufficient, and i am grateful for it. i will consider buying new regalia as soon as i land this position, as i intend to walk every year from here on out, as my students are graduating. this first group who came in when i was green, will walk and i will be so pleased to see them move forward in their lives.
it is all good, it is all so very good. and i am grateful. that is my mantra. i am grateful.

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