Wednesday, May 08, 2013

perpendicular mats

it seems when i most need a mental check someone in yoga puts their mat down perpendicular to mine and waves their big arms in my face.
i know that sounds mean, but it is so much easier when everyone is facing the same direction and we stagger our mats so our arms wave in the same directions. because i swear, the biggest women in creation with the longest arms i've ever seen, get right in front of me and they don't stand at the top of their mat, they center themselves, so when they swing out their arms, they have to miss me, or i have to stand in the center of my mat, which isn't conducive to the endless saluting of the sun we do.
have to be the taxi, let's hope i can find my thought when i return.
speaking of large women, i think gordon ramsay is a saint. he is not only a chef, but a therapist to those he helps. i admire that. it's hard to watch him deal with people in such denial. all this mess from last week which i've been trying to wipe the remainders of, off my shoes, has me wondering if i live in denial much. perhaps we all do.
i've even been watching dr. drew and the way he deals so rationally, calmly, and professionally with the loonies who come through his door, makes me want to hug him. i love to see a job done well. i've read some arguments about dr. drew being an opportunist for filming his recovery sessions, but i believe the show sheds a great deal of light on the lives and trials of addicts. and when some lame character doesn't commandeer the show, it's actually quite good. i'm amazed shelly doesn't just flat out deck some of those patients, but that's why she's in that job and not me. and bob, well, he seems to have more freedom, and i like how nicely he balances shelly's discharge 'em mantra with even more patience.
these are the people i try to remember when i've got women's arm waddles waving in my face. my trials are slight. if i just breathe, and try to remember there is a reason for everything, usually, it all works out. and if i can lend a hand in kindness, perhaps not to the extent of ramsay or dr. drew, if i can just keep my mouth shut and focus on my form in yoga, then maybe, maybe the world is a little bit of a better place for me not spewing nastiness.
that is, until i come home and blog about it...
two steps forward baby

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