Friday, May 31, 2013

touch me babe

in the past nine months i've only attended maria's yoga class once. i had forgotten how hands on she is. so i'm in a triangle and she comes over and puts her knee behind me and starts doing other adjustments, but i had become unaccustomed to this, so i'm just trying not to giggle, when she says,
now, come up from core.
mind you, her head is under my left arm which is sticking up in the air and she's still got her leg supporting me, and hands on either side of my torso. i've got my legs splayed and my body cocked to the right with my right hand touching my right foot.
i begin to giggle and close up like a pillbug on the sidewalk.
she steps back and says,
can you come up from core
as i'd basically folded over forward out of her clasping adjustment. and i said,
not with your head in my armpit.
which, as anyone who knows me knows, is just the kind of smartass answer i always produce. and she said,
oh, i'm sorry.
and moved on to adjust another soul.
but i just smiled. i told her after class,
i had forgotten how hands on you are.
and it's not like sophie never adjusts. i guess i just really resonated with maria when i was touch deprived. so it felt very good to me. i'm all touched up. no lack there, so i like the fine finger tip delicate adjustments of sophie. she gets you into position without grappling your bits. you know what i'm saying :)
anyway. i'm agonna miss maria, too. there are a lot of things i loved about this place, but it's just time.
and i am ready.

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