Thursday, May 17, 2007

carnivorous vegitarian.

this one came to me yesterday. i've been dabbling with vegetarianism, as much as i dabble with anything. and while i'm not fully committed, i'm not opposed, either. i ride the fence in many ways.

my girl got hold of a humane society magazine on horses (sigh). she loves them. and begins relaying the story of how in kaufman, tx, there is some horse slaughtering going on.

what do they use the horses for?

other countries that eat horse meat.

oh, so what is the difference between that and killing cows?

(she is now emotionally invested in the idea of horses as objects of love and relating).

well, the horses they kill are supposed to be infirm. (she has excellent diction but that is my word, i can't remember her exact verbiage.)
she continues,
the horses are not sick.

well that is probably a good thing (thinking of the eaters not the eaten). that is probably true of most everything they slaughter.

but with horses it's different.

how? i bet the cow doesn't think it's different.

she looks a bit wearied by this banter. she meant to convey the content of the article she read (but i mean to have her see there are many sides to every argument).
you think of all sides of an argument, don't you?

i try. think about it, if it's wrong to kill horses, it's wrong to kill chickens, eat their eggs, to kill cows.

but horses are different?


because they are useful to man. we can ride them.

so only useful animals deserve to live? that's selfish, but not unlike the way many people think.

i'm not sure i excelled in getting her to consider the other side. i have no stake (or steak) in her becoming a vegetarian. if she wants to eat meat, so be it. i'll even cook it for her. i have a bite myself now and again. i am simply opposed to the idea of her buying into ideas without considering the other side (or sides as the case may be).

there are so many ways to look at a thing. i have to remind myself that my perspective is not necessarily right. it is just mine. i pray for the glimpse of an issue from another view.

yet at the same time, i hate politics. i hate hearing an argument from someone who is trying to convince me of something.

i'd rather have a discussion about something, contemplate it. i guess this is what i'm trying to show my kiddo. one does not have to become a card carrying member of any organization just because they happen to be spouting something she has a newfound interest in.

sometimes, the better part of wisdom is reserving our persuasion. not allowing our persuasive gifts to be used by either side. but being, ever and always, a voice of objectivity. and listening to objective voices. or trying. even when it is hard.

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TS said...

4th generation vegetarian, but still I react negatively when I hear some animal rightists becoming dogmatic. Tolerance is to be achieved.