Friday, May 07, 2010

swirling eddies

so, the danger has passed and i remain standing.
it was scary though. standing so close to being swept away. now today, i had to guard my me time and not get swept into work, though i wanted to, i really wanted to. but i need nature more at this moment.

i have to remember to focus on the goodness of the ones i love.

to let myself open to new people and welcome them.

i happened upon the sweetest mom and her son yesterday. it turns out, fate had a hand in it, and my girl has reconnected with this dear soul. and we were both giggling like school girls last night because it was just fun. and fun is good.

i love my girl. i want her to experience the goodness and depth of friendship i have known my whole life over. i am a rich woman based on friendship alone. my friends have been my lifesblood for so long. and my family loves me, but friends choose you, i think that is the difference.

families are a kind of draft, but friends ally for their own reasons.

so i am off to spend the day with my friends. this is the highest and best purpose of my day off. to spend it with people i love. nothing else matters.

no, not even pain.

and i quoted a poem i had told my best friend before, one that i wrote some time ago. and she said,
i understand it so differently now.

i smiled.

poems evolve right along with us. it's quite fantastic.

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