Friday, July 15, 2005

frenzied poetry

the poetry has been coming fast and furious. we are all feeding off each other at my circle of poets group and it is a sight to see. surround thyself, artist, with those of similar ilk, and the result is like that of gunpowder and fire. smashing. penetrating. moving. it can also be damaging and wounding, but they are two sides of the same coin, we cannot have one without the other--although we try.

the wounds of a friend are faithful. remember that.

for charlie

to the church
i believe the Lord
would say,

delight thyself in Me
delight thyself in Me

forsake the money
success and fame

do not long for

delight thyself in Me
delight thyself in Me

stop waiting
for husbands
children, careers

delight thyself in Me
delight thyself in Me

lose thy waking gaze
in my reflection

drink thy fill of pleasure
from My well

delight thyself in Me
delight thyself in Me.


Charlie said...

To the river running free
whose bounty
washes right through me,
I give my love.

to the bird high in a tree,
who sings
looking down at me,
I give my love.

to the painter in the park,
whose vision stalls
the gathering dark,
I give my love.

To the Poet I can't see,
whose verses made
and unmade me,

whose words are bread,
whose life is free,

whose song,
whose vision,
stills the sea---

I give my love to Thee,
my love to Thee.

c. van gorkom

Donna J. Shepherd said...

wow. two great works of art in one post. glad i stopped by! wish i could add to the mix, but alas, i only write silly poems for children. perhaps one day...

siouxsiepoet said...

thank you Charlie, you are most welcome here. and i think you are fast becoming my favorite poet.

donna, don't demean your work. it is your expression of delight and that is enough.


Donna J. Shepherd said...

Okay, you're right Suz, I shouldn't put down my writing. I do believe God inspired our creativity. Since Charlie shared, I'll share one of my collection of three poems for grownups. :)

Cleansing Grace

Bitterness pools deep within the soul.
Dark and murky with bottom unseen.
Stagnation hides resentment and lost desires
Locked in muddy sediment of unfulfilled dreams.

Daily the cesspit grows deeper.
Can anything stir emotions; cause still waters to flow?
Anger has been the only turbine
The cause of untold hurt and pain.

Is there nothing that can clear the waters?
Is there relief from the turmoil within?
Can darkness receive light
And hope be renewed once again?

With cleansing God alone can perform
His love purifies the depths of the heart
Ridding the soul of bitterness
Revealing tenderness only grace can impart.

Forgiveness rushes through the depths
With penetrating power unknown to man
Refreshing the capacity to love
Faith and hope remain.

© Donna J. Shepherd

siouxsiepoet said...

wow donna, that is phenomenal! if the other two are this powerful, then it is a fine collection indeed (even if they aren't, it is still a fine collection because they are yours).

thank you for sharing them. i do appreciate it. and we aren't snobs, if you want to join our poetry circle, feel free. the link is on the sidebar. i think poets being around poets is a world unlike any other. the inspiration from reading each other's stuff is amazing. you don't have to be critiqued, you can opt for just being read and enjoyed.

but you can learn a lot from reading the critiques of others.