Sunday, July 31, 2005


have you seen rockstar:INXS?

for all us aged rockers, (i tend more toward heavy metal and alternative than rock, but that is a distinction most don't even understand) it is a walk down memory lane.

it is nice to see bands as they age. one of my favorite shows is bands reunited on VH1, where they track down bands, not rock--mostly the pop from the '80s bands, stuff from my middle- and high school years., and reunite them to perform hits. very cool show. men age so well, and most of these bands are full of men.

women age, without the aid of modern science, less gracefully than men. unless we've had our stomaches sucked out and our faces pulled back to make us "look" young (which you may look young the first time it's done, but by the time you've had it done a couple times, you just look weird). one thing to remember is: men have hand whole persons pass through their body either or nursing babies. so there!

i'm getting grey hair. i've earned my grey hair. i don't intend on coloring it. i don't wear make-up. not because i'm some fruity earth friend, but because i really don't like make-up. war paints, i call 'em. i put them on when i need a mask. which is rarely.

but back to rockstar, neal never should have been eliminated. my sister says, he wasn't right for INXS, but i so enjoyed him, his performances, his style that i think they should have kept him around.

dave navarro is gorgeous. i like tattoos more every time i lay eyes on that man. he just seems like the kind of person i hit it off with.

as for the remaining contestants, jordis is phenomenal. if INXS can get over the fact that she is a sista, maybe she has a chance. i hope they can.

next in line would be ty. it is nice to see a brother who can hold his own and rock. very nice indeed.

marty would be my third choice. his pop-locking shows leave me wanting though. i do like his voice.

after that, i don't really care who is chosen, if these go, i might have no reason to watch. some think jd has it buttoned up, but something about him weirds me out. so i hope they consider that. i know about these things.

i did have a point to all this rambling: i do hope, when it is my turn to stand under the footlights that i am ready. that i glorify God. that i minister to the people. that is about all. the rest is cake.


Anonymous said...

sorry Suz, I strongly disagree. Scripture says the fruit of the Spirit is Love, joy, peace.....especially peace.

I find no peace in the music you prefer. It does not express the up-welling of my greatful heart toward God, nor my worship, nor my joy.

I think drums have stolen the church of God and jailed it behind bars of beat. I find no freedom in the beat, only bondage, no beauty in the tortured harmony, only violence and the prophesy of impending destruction.

I could go on and on, but you get the grist--yes, grist.

c van gorkom

siouxsiepoet said...

thank you charlie, i still thing you're the greatest. isn't it awesome that we can disagree and still be in harmony? i am not a hand or foot, i am a part that you are not. you are not the part that i am.

i tried, for the longest time to deny who i am created to be, not anymore. i'm tired of being ashamed of my tastes and desires.

when highway to hell comes on, i change it. i try not to listen to negative messages, but the music is beautiful to some--to me.

you may like country music, i don't. can't stand it. but do we fight about it, no, we move on to the areas we do agree and there we meet.

also, don potter says, it is not rock n roll that steals your kids away, it is the anointing. i think God likes heavy metal and no one can dissuade me.

bless you dear friend.

siouxsiepoet said...

also, one thing more. about the drums. drums are inherently tribal. i cannot live without the drum beat for it is in my blood.

when i was pregnant with my girl i hadn't gourd danced (in support of the men, around the outside of the arena) in months. but when she was unable to sleep, i put on gourd dance music and she nodded off to the gentle rhythms and tribal music.

just because you don't like it, doesn't make it evil.

siouxsiepoet said...

addendum, since i have a running dialogue with myself let me just say, i think mig is in fine shape these days, and his original song was top notch. if i had it to give to anyone right now it would be mig first, marty second, jordis third (her wretched performance tonight is not the issue, mig and marty are just lumious these days).