Sunday, July 10, 2005

necessary silence

for an intrepid friend.

come to me in silence
i will listen
beside you without words
in prayer
seeking ever for words
and understanding
being as quiet
and gentle
as i can.

come to me in sorrow
i will comfort
lend an ear from brokenness
of my own
when you weep
i will weep too
and try to be
as gentle
as i can.

come to me in anger
i will not judge you
i'll let you rail and rant
and think no less
of you then when
your saintly demeanor
convicts me
and i will try to be
as gentle
as i can.

come to me in boredom
i will entertain you
tell you of my follies
so you can laugh
i will hold your hand
through all your seasons
and try to be
as gentle
as i can.

i have come to realize community is not about always being on the same page or sharing group think, but more about availability. access. welcome.

we artists struggle with meaning to force it into being (as david kopp has said). and we must westle with angels and demons alone (as charles van gorkom says).

and i agree.

many more moments do i spend alone on my mountain top than chatting with my friends. whether they sleep while i'm away is not my concern. but when i return, to find them there at all is what leaves me constantly amazed.

i am surrounded by many great artists. i know them mostly through art alone, whether it be writing poetry or blog or book, these dear souls understand the struggle of an artist. the wrestling and grappling with our essential emptiness and ignorance to reveal the secrets of God in a meaningful way.

we are, at our best, inept. even the brightest and best of us. but we are hinged together in a community that leaves room for folly and failure, doubts and testruns. and that most important of all, silence and time away.

i do not know one artist who can create in a crowd. whose work comes amidst the rush and hurry of the marketplace. perhaps moments of inspiration come from there, but we all share a need for time away.

it is the return, the welcome, the presence of these dear souls that make up community. and for that, i am grateful.


jon said...

this hit home
i am speechless
and that's hard
to be for a poet.
resuming speechlessness now...

siouxsiepoet said...

wow. i thought it was oversentiment again. i do that, have done that all my life. i scare people that way. :D

but i got this email and will try to muddy it up so you can't quite tell who it's from. this dear soul compared it to 1 cor 13. and that to me is the highest compliment i've ever received.

a friend writes me this:
I can't tell you enough how amazed and laved I am in the love of God as I read your post. To me, those are the words of Jesus, and His accepting love for me as an artist and poet. I have read it many times since you first posted it, and I will read it many times more. Its like being held
in His embrace. I would like to encourage you as you have encouraged me.

Have a great day in Him.


to you all nameless ones who silently read, thank you.

blowingsand said...

yes, no one is an island.
again, this is too cool.