Monday, January 01, 2007


we come crashing through our lives, carrying baggage, sometimes scarcely able to speak. carrying grief buried, hemmoraging love. we come. crashing, colliding, bumbling into the each other's lives.

my belief at this point is that we meet those we need to meet. those who can shed a glimmer of light, a ray of hope in such a way that we can receive it, or at least tolerate it.

my guttering flickering candle flame has often time, i've been told, been the luminescent beam of God. it doesn't take much. but it requires everything. sometimes, more than i'm willing to give. or receive.

we don't affect one way in this life. though it might be easier if it were so. the concentric circles of influence radiate out, further, and further. we cannot control who the ripples affect. just as we cannot control the ripples that send our bobbing vessel up and down. it just happens.

there is so much beauty here, and mostly, i find it all comes back to people. we get to spend a few moments in the lives, and with those we most need to meet and who most need to meet us.

if we're lucky. we'll be aware of those bumbling along beside us. and if we're immensely blessed, they'll notice, too.

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Phantom said...

PS, 'and over the essence of time' coals heaped unto themselves, only burn, scortch the green on which they are placed, but spread out, warm evenly giving life and light to embers watched and enjoyed by many encircled, you are the holding rocks of heat in which lives sit and comune and live.