Tuesday, January 23, 2007

poets, poets, everywhere

so i met three new poets last night. it is always nice hearing new voices. i enjoy our little poetry get togethers, they seem to be a nice blend of feedback and work. i'm going to have to figure out how to keep things moving when it gets bogged down. i've not really used the heavy hand i used to use when i had a room full of moms discussion lactation. i kept it moving, balanced the conversation more. here, i'm not doing so well. i just want to listen to everyone and some people go on and on.

i guess the way i figure it is, we're all adults, take a sliver of time (and since we had some pretty long sections last night, it was probably tough to know what the appropriate length of time for one to take would be). i'll have to be more clear about that next time.

it is always a question, when someone reads some epic poem and another reads a haiku, whether one poem each is right. honestly, i'd rather listen to fifty haiku than an epic any day. though i often have to rehear, reread the haiku because they are so tightly packed, like a bunch of full sized vehicles in compact spaces.

so i read my nyc set last night and i'm glad i did. it was my first time reading some from memory, and it was okay but i was a little nervous. so this week i'll spend practicing. getting my set locked down in terms of delivery. and we'll go from there.

another good thing i realized is how small twelve point font looks on the page when you're reading. i didn't have a lecturn or anything, but i am going to blow up the font and divide up the poems into breath segments (not that i would ever want them published this way), so i can have an easier time toggling through the pages. a three ring binder is probably my best option in terms of conveyance. maybe i'll try to find a nice black leather one. yes. that would work.

my poems were well received, the progression seemed to tell the story as i wanted. all in 17 minutes. so when i practice, slow it down even more (i wasn't trying to speed through it, but in a way i know i did last night, nerves will do that to you) i should fill up the tweny minutes perfectly.

still not sure what to wear.


Spencer said...

How can one fail if one has such dedication and passion as you to deliver her heart unto crowds by serving it to them yourself.And the wear, if a color blind person looks into heaven on a clear night, fixes his eyes upon a given star gazed by another in a far and distant place, does it still not twinkle as brightly? A rose is a rose by any name.

Miss Audrey said...

Something graceful and flowing.