Wednesday, January 17, 2007

style expert

well, that is my new title. i'm not a very well paid style expert. i'm not that much of an expert, truth be told. but it is nice to be labeled something to live up to. and they did manage to pay me more than i expected.
something is better than nothing,
i always say.

look the part,
my manager said.

then i walked out of her office and my hair latched on to her delicate wire rimmed glasses and cast them to the ground.

guess i'll have to braid that for work,
i said.

trouble is, they don't want piercings, and my ears have nine holes in them, which aren't the natural ones. but maybe they didn't mean ears. just noses and bellies and stuff and other places people stick metal.

nothing tasteless,
she said.

i guess, if i was worried about it, i could get a job at some head shop. that is a very laid back atmosphere i'm sure. looking the part is more in my arena there.

but i'll try. it helps that i just bought a shitload of clothes from there and can wear those.

so i'm working weekends kids. and sitting here considering what next three poems i'll enter into a contest. do i send out the same ones i just sent (they're damn good). but isn't that doubting myself, or is it just being safe.

the good thing is, i get weeknights off. so i can do my poetry shindigs, and not miss too much good stuff. most of the open mics i go to are on weeknights. the odd weekend i'll get away for a poetry extravaganza, i'll just have to take off.

so if you have any fashion questions, i'll try to answer them seeing as i'm an expert now. though, my latest fashion acquisition got a,
that's hideous!
from my husband, who has never been too fond of my dress.

my brother said,
you're still a rocker at heart.

i said,
aw, you know me.

and those pants i just got, with the smiling skull and crossbones, how often do you see a skull smiling? i had to, HAD TO get them. they'll be nice at a read or something. plus i bought them from the store i'm working at, so if they bitch about it, i'll be pissed.

i've narrowed down my read choices somewhat (i guess i do think about fashion a lot, more my lack thereof than anything else), and i've narrowed it down to two outfits. if the weather is really cold, that severely limits my options. since i'm taking the train, i better dress warm. though i'll be hoofing it to the bookstore from the subway.

it's all good kids. all good.
style expert signing off.

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