Friday, January 12, 2007

size does matter

when i first thought of writing this little ditty, i was holding a small salad plate and putting my eggs and toast on it
(eat breakfast,
the lady at the gym says).

so i use small plates, sometimes a shallow salad bowl for dinner (i've never had an aversion, like my sister, to food touching. i like it all mingled together. my palate sucks my husband would say). once in a bible study talking with some folk, they said,
you can lose ten pounds by just decreasing your portions when you eat.
(that may not be the exact amount of weight, but it was significant enough for me to make a note of it and incorporate it into my life. i don't eat regularly, and that is another issue: 5 or 6 small meals--or a meal then snack, preferrably protein is the mantra. i'm lucky to eat two meals a day, i just don't live to eat folks.)

tonight, for workout numero dos, i bumbled into a crowd of large hineys in unmatching duds. i was in heaven. i got nothing against the small hiney set, except, well, mine is bigger. (why is that a good thing for men and not for women?) i don't know.

i didn't talk much, but my girl was there laughing at me as i made silly faces, i am decidely more approachable with my child in tow, than not. kids make you drop the facades. plus, i was doing this chorus line kick that nearly floored me. everything seemed to lock up on the ascent. so i took it easier. did lame little kicks rather than showgirl kicks. i would sure like to break out some old karate moves, but it's been a while, and there isn't the floorspace. bummer.

forgot my mp3 player again, but the lady there was the one who took my delicate digits. i guess because she knows the sordid details i somehow feel i don't have to hide from her. and there is that connection of her being the one who shows me how to do whatever it is i'm supposed to be doing.

this tall reed of a lady jumped in the circut one machine ahead of me, and spaced out at one point, didn't move at the appropriate time, so i jumped ahead of her two machines. these people. causing traffic. i hate it.

i also realized, the last two minutes of a workout seem to stretch out to infinity, whereas the first fifteen, seem to fly.

i kept my heart rate up, didn't get two glasses down the gullet before i went in but i'll try to suck down another tonight.

large glasses, because, size matters.

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