Sunday, July 25, 2010

come to me

did i tell you that i was trying to change my life. i stood at crossroads some months back and asked my friend,
do i need to move for change to happen or will change happen, then i move

she didn't know, as i did not know. so i moved. i leapt out. i went for it. and now, everything has changed. everything.

there is no going back. i never want to go back. it's good, great, getting better all the time. i'm learning what it means to live.

and so i told her everything i could. bared my soul.

then she bared hers. together we cried.

but i'm happy,
i said.

and she understood.

happiness is reason enough.

do we get to keep it, the heart treasures we unlock from stone? i believe so. sometimes, a warm breath is all it takes to defrost them. and the closeness of two bodies to melt the isolation away. sometimes, presence is all that is required. no voices. no intrigues. just heartbeats and togetherness.

this is what happiness means to me.

and soon, hopefully very soon, i will have another i love come to me again. i try not to get my hopes up, but they fly. they fly.

let it come to fruition, then i'll share. a story is better told in retrospect rather than speculation.

that which is mine will come to me, i believe this.

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