Thursday, July 29, 2010

set a course

i've not worked on my visual file (ala artist's way) for about two years. maybe longer. i lug the thing around (it's about six feet long by three feet high and currently acts as a very inspirational room divider. trouble is, it is two sided and the back side is blank except for my girls attempts to create a visual file, which consists of about five pictures of spongebob, fairly odd parents, some random animal shots. a few horses, and lots of parrots. i'm going to strip them off, because i thought about just pasting over them, and i don't know that it won't compromise the core to not have it all adhered nicely, though that sounds mercinary, ripping off pictures, even random pictures, that my daughter pasted there.

this is why i'm doddling.

so i've had it in my mind, have an O magazine or two around, been meaning to shred them, often there are very fine words in O mag. but that isn't enough. i found a stack of martha stewart living at work today, and brought them home. they are perfect the photos really inspire me. and now, i will begin giving substance to my dreams. because what i've found in the course of this file business is, dreams really do come true.

watch and see.

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