Monday, July 26, 2010

find your way back

there are so many things i could say. so many ways i could trip myself up. but nothing is wrong. i have to just trust that even when it feels like doom is impending, it isn't that's just some catastrophic thinking i have learned to live with and i'm not living like that anymore.

my girl had her heart set on a particular bunny. we found him and adopted him today. it was nice to see her wish fulfilled. wish i could do that more often. and he has such a sweet disposition, that he let her hold him for an hour while we dashed about trying to get the things he needed to live with us. (someone more practical, perhaps, would have had everything prepared in advance, but not me, i like to wing it. or i'm so used to winging it, i don't know how to plan which is why i assembled the cage with two walls upside down and had to reconfigure it). my girl said,
next time, let's read the directions.

i did!
that's the trouble. directions don't work for me.

but bunny is happy and we are well. now i have to start knocking out some schoolwork so i can rest. i had a lot of personal stuff to tend to (still do) when i got back from boston, but i'm through most of it, by no means all, but most of it is under wraps. my pony has had an oil change, a good 1400 miles later than i usually get around to it, but i've been racing. so, i've let a few things slip.

now to cuddle that bunny and settle down for a nap before my phone starts a ringing. which fortunately for me, it does.

there is no other shoe, this goodness will prevail. trust it and see.


Mary DeMuth said...

It's really lovely to see you so joyful.

siouxsiepoet said...

Thank you mary. Been a long time coming. Hope ur well.

Mary DeMuth said...

I am well, thanks. My daughter Sophie is now a senior, can you believe it?

siouxsiepoet said...

no, the kids are growing entirely too fast. but that is good. interning with a literary journal this semester. hope your writing is thriving.