Tuesday, January 18, 2011

icy roads make for dangerous driving

so we had margaritas, watched a couple movies, i've been working on my poems, and we'll hit the hay soon. but i'm still processing a lot of what is happening. i get advice from those closest to me that i'm in a good place, the right place. and this serves to confirm the peaceful feeling inside.

i do miss her though. it's to be expected. people don't just wander in and out of lives without impact.

but i will let her go. when she comes to mind, i bless her and wish her well on her journey. for here our roads diverge. i will miss her. i do miss her. but it's time. perhaps past time. i've overstayed my welcome in some respects, perhaps many.

setting out is always a mixed bag, there is something coming, new friends, new involvements, new endeavors, and those things will soon fill the place the old held dear. i won't linger here long, as i trust all that happens happens for a reason. and i do not love easily or cheaply, nor do i take it back. so with love, and in love, i wish her well.

for me, there is much to do.

sleep is next on the agenda.

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