Wednesday, January 12, 2011

skunks in snow

the plows are plowing, the skunks are stinking, a chill is in the air.

gratefully the cute little skunk, and he was cute, arched back and upright tail didn't take the shot as i stood in the doorway looking at him not comprehending inspite of telltale stripes, what he was. i was expecting to see cat. he was cat sized, not too big, but he hangs around here, must live in the area, because i smell him often. i don't mind, skunk is a stink i don't despise, though i'd rather not smell it.

i'm up early, the cat wanted out, obviously, and i'm settling in to the idea of a snow day for my girl, and work for me tonight. i'm back at it. which is nice, i need to get back into the swing. but i think i'm ready to move on. i feel myself disengaging and that is always a sure sign. i'll be pleasant enough while i'm there, but soon, i will hang up my green apron forever. amen.

i was back on the floor after two and a half months (not that we were counting, my boss said), of being away and she was impressed because even though i was slow and forgot little things, we still managed the rush (first one since the new year) together. i'm glad to be helpful and wanted back.

it's a strange thing to be away and know everyone is doing their best to just keep moving. it was not, is not, my responsibility and i'm just going to contribute what i can without taking on the world like i do.

you look happy,
she said.

thanks, i don't even feel like the same person.

much has changed. that last semester was b-r-u-t-a-l. i have never had to fight so hard for anything in all my life. i was not about to repeat or quit. i didn't have to. now i'm focused on enjoying this final semester and the end of my former life. i'm transitioning into my profession now. it's time.

i only did one job last year, but already have another lined up for this one. i'm ready for what will come.

he didn't take the shot. that's the best news of the day.

and i will be moving forward, trusting, it will be well.

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