Saturday, January 15, 2011

sorting through

so i'm stowed away in my friend's bedroom, rifling through my poems. i have to lock myself up with my work to even face it sometimes because it is overwhelming in quantity. the task of sorting through this pile of about 123 poems for the best 65 is going to be tough. i'm not doing the same book i've done, so that helps narrow the scope somewhat. i have a rough idea of what is going to happen, but as with the rest of my life, i never know until i know.

i'm tired now, and ready for a nap. why does this always happen when i finally finish all the tasks, and get to the work at hand. although a short nap isn't out of the question as i did renumber all the pages and have everything ready for an initial read through. this is going to be a book about and for women. at least i believe that to be the case.

perhaps i'll curl up in that ball now and get back to this.
sleep sounds good.


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