Saturday, January 22, 2011


what to say. it's hard, sometimes, encapsulating thoughts. ideas. into something that means something.

my feet are tired so i'm tired. but not necessarily sleepy.

i will soak them and then, hopefully, my cat geenie will climb on my chest where he's taken to sleeping, and we will rest. i stay still and quiet when someone or thing is sleeping on me, so that helps me pass out. one night i had a rumbly tumbly and geenie was disconcerted by that, and could not sleep. this cat makes me so aware of the different sounds and things going on in my home. i guess i'd forgotten to pay attention. or maybe i'm just too tired, that's probably it though i don't like to say it out loud.

i get to sleep in tomorrow. sure the cats will wake me at around four or five and want to get out (i de house trained them). three cats and a tiny apartment aren't a good mix. so unless there is some profound reason why they can't go out, they going out. amen.

their momma just sits and looks in the window, but she hisses at them, and i don't need three cats, i certainly don't need four. she's gorgeous though, those big green eyes and long black and grey hair.

cat talk. that's about all i'm good for at the moment. i will get geenie and we'll watch the dog whisperer. which i think is kind of amusing. when geenie first saw tv on my computer, she was mesmerized. we watch cesar from time to time, and she falls asleep.

my animals are all named for boys if they're girls and girls if they're boys. i guess my version of transgender pets. ha!

i'm tired. too tired to be doing this.

peace kids.

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