Monday, March 07, 2011


my girl is dragging me to my first anime convention. i imagine it will be full of shrieking teens and i had just better have my ipod fully charged. it's in brooklyn, so i will drive to assure i get home with as much time for shut eye as possible. though i'm sure i'll be a zombie come sunday when i open at six am, having left brooklyn at 10pm the night before. such is life. she tells me i'll be the conference mom, but that's how it goes.

we're taking in two concerts too, her first, which i was dying to go to, my baby's first concert a band i love and she loves, can't wait. and since i couldn't wait i got tickets for a second show in nj, it was iffy whether or not there would be a ticket for me the first time around. so nee and i will go twice, which is pretty cool. i will definitely have to bring ear plugs as prince was loooouuuud and they will be even louder.

my apartment looks like a bomb hit it. i had a packet due today which i turned in on friday because i was sick of looking at it. i'm so glad it is out of my hair. i hope my prof can see my responses are thoughtful and not just outright negation of her critique. there are reasons i do what i do. one poem she wanted me to cut off this list of things i took from my ex because "it would be interesting to end" at another point. but the whole point of the poem, it occurred to me is counting coup. i have to have that list in there. there are so many subtle tribal things that i had to explain, who knows.

i'm debating on sending my book out to a publisher, if they will take it as is, i will let it go, but if they can't i will just continue to self publish.

trying to build up the energy to do the dishes and clean my apt, but it ain't gonna happen tonight. the best i can do is rest and hope i can face the music tomorrow.

i went a very long time without a true day off since jury duty took me to the city both of my days off. though my new boss has shortened my hours considerably, i have to learn how to manage my time, i tend to cocoon a lot. who knows, maybe i need to.

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