Friday, March 04, 2011

happy birthday grams

i don't stop and think about it anymore, i wouldn't have today, but my sister mentioned she was going to the beach to visit my grams. now i have to write about it.

i spent the better part of the past three days in the company of a grandma who was very much like my own. she even scared away some guys she said wanted to rob me. she gave them the ojos, while i was shopping in chinatown for my girl's bday. she lectured me on being alert and looking at people who are around. she is so sweet. i hadn't thought i'd miss her, but i do. i don't have too many people who fight for me like that. who just take me under their wing and chase off a couple of bad guys. i looked at her and said,
you are my guardian angel.
and she smiled. probably thought i was crazy.

i met her because the first day of jury duty i wanted to sit by someone who smelled good. she had a look about her that said, i smell good. so i sat by her, and we talked a bit the first few hours of that first day.

i had no idea if i'd ever see her again, but when i arrived for my next stint at jury duty, there she was in the ladies room washing her hands beside me. and i said,
hi, i met you at the assembly room,
and smiled. she acknowledged me.

then we had to sign in by number, so we all lined up and i got a whiff of her again, and said,
you still smell good.
:) and smiled. she probably thought i was nuts. i think i may be sometimes. who says that shit to people?

anyway, she sat by me every chance after that, and we were two whole days on our asses in court waiting to be called for the selection process, and so when we could we would talk. we had lunch together, we bought candy and met to walk around at breaks.

she's back in the bronx now, and i'm back in my little apartment, my tiny, feels so much like home and mine i love it apartment. with the photo of my grams and grandpa looking down on me, that i have to admit, i miss her. this is not news. everyone who knows me, knows this. but i don't often stop anymore on her birthday, or the anniversary of her death to say it.

but i'm saying it now, i miss her.

happy birthday gramsy. wherever you are, i hope you're still dancing.

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