Saturday, January 21, 2012

slip sliding away

it was so worth it to get out and go to yoga this morning. there were only two of us there with sophie, fresh from her trip to turkey. she got on the floor beside me at one point and helped me find my first unassisted half shoulder stand. now i know how to do it, and i could never figure it out before. sometimes just seeing it from different angles helps. that and having someone right there baby stepping you through the pose.

she lifted my shirt and looked at my tattoo and said,
i'll have to show you mine.

so before we left class i got to see her gorgeous hip to hip tattoo with a lotus in the very center. truly beautiful.

i've been thinking about my next one. where to put it, what it should be, when. these are all important questions. nothing rash, nothing trendy. just something that is profoundly significant to me. but what.

until i can answer those questions, i wait. rather impatiently at times, but i do wait. sometimes years pass. and that's okay. i can wait. i have learned how.

i've found myself again, i was at the bottom of a hot salted and oiled tub. it seems i must take to water to find myself at times. and then i cried. water begets water. but it's all going to be all right. i will get a massive infusion of beauty tomorrow.

until then, i trust. i rest. i remember who i am.


Rakeem said...

t(._.t) (beckoning) more i have to read more. i just woke up , cranky , but i got into it, caught my mind.

siouxsiepoet said...

funny. thank you for reading. :)