Thursday, January 19, 2012

young mines

fifty or so. writers. i have two groups and i can't tell you how exciting the prospect of influencing young writers is to me. my whole life has been lived in character on page. i am most comfortable there. it is a world i understand. though the effect that world has on the three dimensional world is sometimes beyond my grasp (or even caring), i still am awed by the power of words.

i believe that we are given a task to complete on this earth. lucky woman to stumble upon the path and begin the journey down it. i feel my path has been unfolding me to this place since i can remember, everything, every last instance has been a joy in this journey. yes, even when i'm besieged by a group of writers. i said to a couple friends today,
this is a process i initiated, i must see it through.

how will it end

it's a mystery.

i believe this. finding the road and meeting your companions for a portion of said journey is comfort but it is also cause for growth. growth is always painful. but only by defending my work, by trusting my gut, by staying true to my style am i able to write the works that are imbued with power and ignite a room with passion. i keep asking this of words and words keep delivering. even when i doubt, the words themselves have a life of their own and rise to the occasion.

i love words. i love writing. i love teaching writing. i love teaching reading. that is my third group of young writers, though this group is once removed from the direct process of words through their own fingertips. the flow is going the other direction. i have to learn how to invigorate this process for the young readers in my charge. i want to have the confidence and skill with the readers that i have with the writers. this is a process of time. of trial and error. this will be a most excellent semester, i can already feel it.

and i trust. it will all be well. i know it.

sometimes i think the path finds us. and i, for one, am grateful to be found. at last.


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