Wednesday, June 20, 2007

move toward them

it has been a great while i've dared even consider my dreams. heartache takes precedence when one is grieving. so i have let that be my meat and drink. but i'm ready now, to remember what it was i once dreamed. if ever i did dream.

i am having these dialogues with myself about what needs to be done in preparation for the great dream to come to reality. someone has done research, i say, no need to reinvent the wheel. so i will start researching, looking, dreaming, noting down my pecuilar take on starting a business. so when i am ready, it will be merely a matter of stepping into what i have planned (like so much of life, when it comes down to it).

move toward them,
i hear.

but i'm afraid. (seems i'm always afraid, no point in denying that fact).

move toward them.

i will.

dream the biggest dreams you can.
pray not for crutches, but wings.
these sayings come to me when i am sitting silently, waiting, wondering what to do next and how.

i've begun taking action steps, but one must continue taking action steps to see results.

there was one who used to ask me,
what do you want? anything. the sky is the limit.
(come to think of it, i don't know that there were any limits put on it).

i couldn't come up with anything. but in this time, this dark time, i've been reminded of some things my heart hopes for. my heart longs for. things i've come up with alone and that would make my rest easy.

my dreams.

i've had to be an archaeologist of sorts, digging down through layers of hardened earthen time, but at last, i seem to have hit upon something.

let me dream a bit more. what else am i going to do with my time if not pursue my dreams?

move toward them.


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