Thursday, November 04, 2010


the gods decided i needed a rest, and so i have one. unexpected, and i'm grateful. spent the day curled up beside one of my foundling cats and slept the rain away. there is a second of the eight souls i am now accountable for in my own mind, beside me purring away. i don't know how i became foster mother to these but they are here. i am at their disposal. three of them got fixed this week, and what a ride that was. two am, one is dangling from the miniblinds, and i'm hollering at it,
stop that.
like cats listen. the other two were up to mischief of their own, but very little topped the miniblind acrobatics. around four am, about twenty two hours post surgery, i booted them all out, bellies full into the wild. that is their actual home. momma impatient's home for foundling cats was closed. but too soon my child awoke and the day carried me away with it.

i went to the laundromat, then made my way to the doctor where the prognosis was not so good.
it may take weeks for this to heal
she said.

so what do i do?

i can't tell you what you can do, i can only tell you what you can't.

now, i'm in a window of found time and going to try to make the best of it. my foot needs to heal, but most of my work is mental. compiling lots of notes, finalizing my paper for this next packet, due the day of my next doctor's appointment.

i'm grateful for the rest. i'm exceptionally tired.

now to figure out what to do first, or after that pile of dishes i've been ignoring.

away to boston this weekend, and then home for a poetry reading. i've got fifteen minutes or so. i will likely read for ten. i'm pretty much over myself as a reader. i enjoy it. it always goes well. but i'm ready to get on with my life and become.

so much to do, i need to pace myself. and if today is any indication, all is well. all is very, very well.

my baby will be home soon, and that is a wonderful thing.

peace kids
may joy light upon you.

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